Bridgework - case 1
17 December 2015
Mrs SN was referred to the surgeon due to failure of the large span upper bridge. She presented with ten failed teeth in the upper jaw and three failed teeth in the lower. She had a severe gag reflex to add to her problems. Any treatment had to exclude any form of removable prosthesis. Following a full pre-operative work up, she was treated within the unit under intravenous sedation. The failed teeth were extracted and six Bone Level Tapered Straumann implants were immediately inserted into the upper jaw with simultaneous bone grafting. three implants were inserted into the lower jaw. A temporary fixed bridge was secured onto the six implants.
Four months later, the temporary bridge was removed and a final titanium and resin was designed and fabricated using the new Straumann CADCAM software - CARES. This involved a team of technicians from Malta, Iceland and Germany. The lower three implants were fabricated using ceramic fused to precious metal.
 Original failed bridge in upper jaw
CADCAM image of planned upper bridge
  CADCAM design of the upper bridge framework
Final CARES bridge before fitting
Final lower ceramic fused to precious metal crown and bridge for lower jaw
End result! 
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