Bridgework - case 2
08 January 2016
A 25 year old lady was referred to the unit by her dental surgeon due to advanced acid erosion of her upper teeth. She had mild sensitivity but was very unhappy about her appearance. Pre-operative analysis in the implant combined clinic included a clinical and medical examination, X-rays, study models and a wax up / mock up of the expected outcome.
The tooth erosion was so advanced that a decision was taken to extract her upper teeth. A temporary bridge was prepared in advance. On the day of treatment she was given intravenous sedation and her failed teeth were removed. Dental implants (Brånemark, Nobel Biocare, Sweden) were inserted and the socket voids filled with bone graft material. The temporary bridge was immediately fitted. Following a four month period of uneventful healing, impressions were taken and the final ceramic bridge was fitted. The patient was very happy with both the functional and aesthetic outcome and follow up has been problem free.
pre-op smile
post op x-ray
end result - intra-oral
end smile 
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