Veneers - case 1
17 December 2015
This is a young male patient who asked to have his aesthetic issue associated with malformed teeth fixed. All his teeth exhibited severe malformations which were preventing him from smiling naturally. One crown and five veneers were prepared and fitted by Dr Susanna Diacono restoring the patients confidence to throw a full smile again.
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Susanna was born in Stockholm, Sweden. At a young age, she moved to Gothenburg where she began her studies in dentistry. One year after qualifying she obtained her LDS.
When a tooth is severely damaged and requires a large filling, the dentist may offer a crown to restore the tooth. Commonly called caps, there are various crowns available to choose from. The function of a crown is to restore anatomy and aesthetics (in most cases).
Veneers are thin facings of porcelain, fabricated after the tooth or teeth are minimally prepared by the dentist. They are then fixed onto the tooth with a special ‘dental glue’.