Smile Design
A smile is a person’s ability to express a range of emotions with the structure and movement of teeth and lips and the importance given to a beautiful smile is not new. It is often said that a smile is the nicest thing you could wear.
The Dental and Implantology Unit have an exceptional and experienced team of dentists who will provide you with the healthiest and most beautiful smiles. Smile Design is a software that helps the dentist plan restorations in the aesthetic zone to give the optimal outcome.
Related Material
Veneers are thin facings of porcelain, fabricated after the tooth or teeth are minimally prepared by the dentist. They are then fixed onto the tooth with a special ‘dental glue’.
Your dentist at DIU will diagnose and asses the severity of tooth wear before planning any procedures. In cases of localised wear, restorative materials may be considered if there is space available.
Everybody loves a bright white smile, and there are a variety of products and procedures available to help you improve the look of yours.