Crown on old failed crown
16 November 2016
 A 61 year old lady was referred to the clinic after having old crowns on two upper anterior teeth fail. Her story was that one tooth had been extracted and the other fractured and both teeth restored temporarily by a dentist before being referred to implant specialist, Dr M Diacono to permanently restore the teeth.
temporary crown
Fig 1 : Pre-op visit to Dental &Implantology Unit. A temporary solution to replace a broken and missing teeth.

Fig 2 :Xray showing the fractured tooth & missing tooth.

On Mrs. M first visit to the Dental and Impantology Unit wax ups, study models and cone beam CT scans were taken. Then under IV sedation and local anesthesia, the failed tooth was removed and the area grafted with bone and gum tissue.
After a suitable healing period, two Straumann Bone Level tapered implants were inserted and allowed to heal. Long term temporary crowns were then fitted to allow the grafted soft tissue to settle. The Straumann Bone Level Tapered Implant has been designed for situations involving soft bone or fresh extraction sockets where primary stability is key.
temporary crowns
Fig 3 : Xray of Implants with Temporary Crowns in place.

Once all was stable, final impressions were taken. She visited the ceramist, who chose the correct shade and fabricated two individual porcelain crowns. These were fitted and Mrs M left as a very happy patient.
metal crown
Fig 4 : Precious Metal & Porcelain Crowns.

Fig 5 : Final Outcome
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