Fun Q&A with Dr. Susanna K. Diacono
23 January 2017
fun Q&A
We all know if it's root canal therapy or aesthetic dentistry we can turn to Dr Susanna for professional advice, but does she also have survival skills? We caught up with one of our specialists at the Dental & Implantology Unit, Dr Susanna K Diacono, to bring you some fun facts on things you didn’t know about her.
Q1: Three items you would take if you were stranded on a deserted island?
If I was stranded on a deserted island, in the warmer regions of Earth and could only take 3 things, I would take a companion with me. In this case it would be my husband Mark, aside from company I would hope that he would also bring his 3 wishes furthermore as he is better at fishing than me we should have our food sorted…. or nearly at least.
Then I would take a solar chargeable VHF so I could try to communicate with passing by ships and a tent where one can be protected against insects and wet weather but could also be used to collect fresh water.
I must say that hopefully in the tent I would find a knife, rifle and a lot of matches. You see, I cannot decide if I should omit the VHF or the rifle? Oops, I exceeded but a few matches sneaked into my trousers’ pocket shouldn’t be a hassle.
Q2: What’s your Philosophy towards work?
I like to work in a way I like to be treated myself. Positive and caring being a priority. Diversity and inclusiveness is also important.
Q3: What is your favorite hobby?
My favourite hobby at the moment is photography. I started at an early age but never allowed myself to get into it as I knew developing films in those days were on the expensive side. However now with digital cameras there is no stopping for me. I like all sorts of genre as I am still a beginner however I wish I would get more comfortable with portrait photography. I somehow think I scare off people when I go behind the lens as it is out of my comfort zone. It is strange as I can make people comfortable when in the dental chair but I cannot make them relax in front of a camera.
Q4: Which is your favourite city, you recently visited?
I used to like cities when I was a bit younger but now I prefer nature and open landscapes. On the other hand, I recently went to Budapest, Hungary and must say that I found it really vibrant and diverse. While I was born in Sweden, my parents are from Hungary so I have regularly visited Budapest and have seen it change over the years. What I do like in bigger cities are the various exhibitions, theatres and the culture of the place.
Q5: What’s the one chore you absolutely hate?
It would definitely be house chores such as cleaning (not dental cleaning!!!). It really is soul killing for me. In the beginning of my married life I also disliked cooking but in time I have learnt a bit of culinary skills (I had to, being married into the Diacono cooking crazy family) and so now enjoy it.
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The Dental and Implantology Unit opened its doors in May 1999. Our practice is situated within Saint James Hospital which is ranked amongst the top private healthcare organisations on the Maltese Islands. Two surgeries were put to immediate use by Mark and Susanna Diacono who had come to live in Malta a year earlier.
Apart from being one of our specialists, Dr. Susanna Diacono is also a photographer.