Full mouth crown and bridgework
07 July 2015
Mr. A, a 59 year old male came in for a consult at the Dental Unit concerned about the advanced loss of tooth substance. A thorough examination revealed severe attrition of his dentition in both jaws.
Mr. A was very keen to reconstruct his smile with fixed restorations. A Radiographic examination revealed that all teeth were still viable and for this reason, the Unit suggested opting for crowns.
Figure 1: Full mouth crown and bridgework before 
As a first step, study models were constructed to allow the prosthodontist to reconstruct the dentition on plaster casts. Once this was achieved, temporary crowns were fabricated to mimic the final outcome.
In a couple of sessions, the teeth were prepared to receive the temporary acrylic crowns. These were left in place for a few weeks to allow the gums to settle before final impressions were taken. A colour was selected together with the patient and metal ceramic crowns were constructed and finally fitted.
Due to his grinding problem and history of excessive wear it was deemed that metal ceramic crowns were more appropriate as opposed to all ceramic crowns.
Mr. A has recently visited our clinic for a routine checkup, 2 years since treatment. He remains totally pleased.
 Figure 2: Before                                                        Figure 3: After 
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