Ban The Beads - Dentists are speaking out against the plastic beads in your toothpaste.
05 December 2016
Do you know what’s in your everyday products you use?
Today some companies insert microbeads, which are tiny plastics designed to make things rougher or act as an exfoliator. Most of us don’t even know that some of our everyday products have these microbeads unless one knows what to look for in the ingredients.

These microbeads are not needed and are harming us and the environment. The microbes are flushed down our drains and end up in our sea. These microbeads are ingested by the microorganisms, which in turn are eaten by small fish and finally by larger fish, which humans would then consume.
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There may be a link between microbeads in toothpaste and some periodontal disease. The beads do not dissolve and are not biodegradable. They may become lodged in small spaces below the gum.

"They’ll trap bacteria in the gums which leads to gingivitis, and over time that infection moves from the gum into the bone that holds your teeth, and that becomes periodontal disease," dentist Justin Phillip said, according to Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV.
Source: Washington Post 
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