IV Sedation
Intravenous (IV) sedation is a technique whereby a consultant anaesthetist delivers medication through a vein which relaxes the patient to such an extent that he or she can tolerate dental or surgical treatment easily and have little or no recall of the event. It is an extremely safe procedure and the unit also has the full medical back up of a large private hospital. We provide, on average, 150 to 200 IV sedations per year. 
It is not uncommon for patients to be anxious or afraid of dental procedures. IV sedation is used for all aspects of dentistry including simple fillings all the way to complex bone grafts or advanced implant surgery. 
Prior to your procedure, your dentist and anaesthetist will review your medical history with you to determine if you are a candidate for IV sedation. Full monitoring is used throughout the procedure. You will be given an information leaflet at your consultation visit with the dentist. 
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Oral sedatives help patients relax. You will remain aware of your surroundings, but will be less responsive to external stimuli, like the sounds and smells. The sedatives also reduce your sense of overall pain.
The Dental and Implantology Unit opened its doors in May 1999. Our practice is situated within Saint James Hospital which is ranked amongst the top private healthcare organisations on the Maltese Islands. Two surgeries were put to immediate use by Mark and Susanna Diacono who had come to live in Malta a year earlier.
The Unit is fully equipped to be able to offer treatment under intravenous sedation with the added safety of being located in a hospital environment.