Straumann Implants Bone Level Tapered
16 April 2018

A 58 year old lady attended the clinic with severe problems associated with her dentition. She was desperate to sort out her problems with a fixed solution. The only option open to us was to have fixed bridges on dental implants.

All teeth were hopeless and needed extracting. She had a full work up and preparation of fixed temporary bridges.

Under IV sedation, teeth were removed, bone modified and implants inserted. The lower bridge was inserted immediately. The upper jaw required significant bone grafting and so the implants could not be loaded with a fixed bridge on the same day. A removable temporary was fitted.

Four months later, the upper implants were exposed again, after a short period of healing, the final bridges were fabricated using CADCAM bridge frames (CARES, Straumann). The patient had her final bridges fitted, achieving her desire to have fixed teeth that would allow her to function normally in a confident manner.