Straumann® Bone Level Tapered implants and fixed bridge using CARES
22 March 2017
Case Study by Dr Mark Diacono as featured in Straumann’s casebook journal ‘More than primary stability. The new tapered standard.’ which is based on the new Bone Level Tapered Implant system.
The treatment involved a Pro Arch Bridge, restoration of maxilla with four Straumann® Roxolid® SLA Bone Level Tapered implants and fixed bridge using a CARES® frame.
A 66-year-old female nonsmoker, was referred because her upper fixed bridge failed and she was requesting implant treatment. A pan oral radiograph showed that all the supporting teeth had subgingival carious lesions and were unrestorable, except for the upper left second molar. The inter maxillary space was favorable, as was her smile. The overall esthetic demand was not high. Her oral hygiene status required improvement.
BLT implants were successfully used to rehabilitate this patient’s maxillary arch. The Straumann® CARES® software provided a totally passive titanium framework which will reduce the risk of prosthetic complications at a later stage.
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Crowns and conventional bridges or dentures need not be your only options when replacing missing teeth. For some people, dental implants offer a smile that looks and feels very natural.
Dr. Mark Diacono was selected by Straumann Ltd, a manufacturer of medical devices to use their latest Bone Level Tapered Implant System prior to its launch to provide feedback on the implant system.