Continued Professional Development
23 March 2017

Why wait to fix a damaged or weak tooth? The world is full of innovations and that includes dentistry. We are proud to announce that, the Dental & Implantology Unit team just completed an intensive training course to learn about the latest advances in digital dentistry after acquiring the latest hardware from CEREC by Sirona - including the new scanner, OMNICAM. This new machine enables us to obtain digital images, design and finally fabricate precise CADCAM restorations in house.

This modern technology in dentistry, besides incredible precision, has brought convenience and efficiency, as now crowns and some bridges can be done on the same day within the dental office.
Investing in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an important strategy within the group. It ensures we are up-to-date with our knowledge, skills and capabilities to remain effective, advanced and ultimately offer a better service to our clients.
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Mr. A, a 59 year old male came in for a consult at the Dental Unit concerned about the advanced loss of tooth substance. A thorough examination revealed severe attrition of his dentition in both jaws.